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Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name’s Reuben, I’m a creative professional based in Melbourne and I provide creative services to professionals and businesses large and small. I’m currently the Digital Account Director at Loud&Clear, which is an enterprise technology agency in Melbourne. Here you will find a collection of my creative projects and collaborations both past and present, so take a look around and connect with me if you like what you see.

One of the most important aspects of my work is the application of creative strategy with the integration of design and technology to engage and bring people and brands closer together. I have interests in many disciplines spanning across design, music, photography and writing. I like to approach problems from different angles to give my ideas time to fluctuate and mature. The learning’s and perspective gained through interactions with people and places also play a pivotal role in my thinking.

My work often requires me to work across a broad range of skill sets to meet the communication challenges of my clients. I have a Bachelor Degree in Design (Visual Communication) which has provided me with a strong foundation in contemporary design discourse, digital development, print, typography and the psychology of effective communication. I have also worked on a range of branding workshops and digital inclusion projects where I facilitate the development of a web system or communication strategy with a group of people or business. Aligning marketing actives with business goals is a challenge I often face when working with small organisations and individual professionals. When in comes to the allocation of advertising and marketing budgets, I am a strong advocate for evidence based decision making. I prefer to use measurable media such as web analytics wherever possible because it provides feedback on the level of engagement you are generating before further resources are spent.