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Social media checkup for your brand

I found this article on PR Daily for those with brands engaged in social social media, I recommend having a read and conducting a quick checkup to see how well your efforts are working. Here are some of the questions your should ask yourself.


  • Are you using visuals consistently?
  • Do you know the requirements around visuals for Facebook?
  • Are you playing by the rules of Facebook’s Terms of Service?


  • Have you checked your Twitter stats lately?
  • How many times a day are you posting?
  • How many retweets are you getting per day?
  • Who are the folks that are interacting with you most?
  • Have you updated your Twitter page with the new header feature?


  • Where is your blog referral traffic coming from each month?
  • Which posts got the most clicks in the last month?
  • What keywords are people searching for to get to your blog?
  • How long are people staying on your blog?

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